Have you ever wanted to connect the dots of your monthly symptoms & feelings?


Hi, I'm Kat and I am a Menstrual Cycle Coach 👋🏻

I am super passionate about teaching women the power of their cyclical nature.

Most of my life I dreaded my cycle, I masked my symptoms with birth control and thought everything was great... It wasn't until I started to learn about holistic health and the potential side effects of hormonal birth control that I decided to take the leap to come off it after 12 years of being on it. But it wasn't until I learned about the different phases of our cycle and how it's normal for us to feel different during different phases that a lightbulb went off 💡

I started to embrace my cyclical nature, I started to work with it instead of against it and EVERYTHING CHANGED 🤯

I believe every woman should learn to track their cycle, so that she can determine her own patterns and learn to understand herself and her body on a whole new level.

This is what this FREE mini course is for!

I will teach you how you can use my month-at-a-glance tracker to note down your observations. After a few months of tracking you will hopefully learn your unique patterns and can start to plan your life taking your cycle into consideration, living in alignment with it, leveraging it's strengths, planning your life around your cycle instead of the opposite.

I promise it's so much easier than you might think! Give it a go, sign up and find out for yourself ❤️

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