EP33 - Rules for Self-Care

Do you have rules for self-care? You may not even be aware of these...

I invite you to join Kat as she discusses the most common rules that her clients have created around self-care & how those rules have been holding them back from truly enjoying their self-care practices.

She also gives tips & tricks on how to change your perspective on self-care & become more consistent with it.

Episode Highlights :

Unspoken Rules of Self-Care

  • Kat introduces the concept of hidden rules in self-care.
  • Examples of unspoken rules that clients have identified.

Impact on Enjoyment

  • Discussion on how these rules can impact the enjoyment of self-care practices.
  • Personal anecdotes & client stories illustrating this impact.

Tips for Changing Perspectives

  • Strategies for identifying and challenging these hidden rules. Consistency in Self-Care
  • Practical tips and tricks for maintaining consistency in self-care routines.
  • Importance of flexibility and adaptation in self-care practices.

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