EP35 - Finding Your Truth in the Coaching Industry w Rebekah Jade

Join Kat & Rebekah Jade for this compelling, real & raw podcast episode. As successful six-figure business owners in the coaching industry, they candidly discuss their recent challenges, offering valuable insights into how they were able to navigate these roadblocks.

Learn more about their inspiring journeys, discovering the pivotal moments that shaped their paths.

From overcoming ego deaths to embracing growth, join them as they share their raw & transformative lessons learned along the way.


Episode Highlights :

  • Kat and Rebekah open up about the challenges they've faced in their businesses, highlighting the raw realities of navigating setbacks.
  • Explore how Kat and Rebekah have confronted their egos and embraced humility in the face of adversity, sharing insights into the transformative power of humility.
  • Learn practical strategies and mindset shifts employed by Kat and Rebekah to navigate roadblocks effectively, empowering listeners to overcome their obstacles.
  • Discover how embracing a growth mindset has been instrumental in Kat and Rebekah’s journeys, offering inspiration for listeners to lean into discomfort and pursue personal development.
  • Reflect on the raw and transformative lessons Kat and Rebekah have learned along their entrepreneurial journeys, offering wisdom and encouragement to listeners on their paths.

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