EP37 - Using Astrology to clarify your Brand Message with Sarah Mac

Get ready to embark on an enlightening journey with Kat and her special guest, Sarah Mac, a Writer & Creative Business Mentor.

In this episode, Sarah unveils the power of harnessing astrology to craft a brand message that ignites your passion and purpose.

Sarah delves into various strategies for leveraging your astrological insights to propel your business forward with unparalleled alignment.

Tune in and unlock the secrets to infusing your brand with cosmic resonance.

Episode Highlights :

  • Sarah discusses the significance of aligning your brand message with your personal astrology.
  • Sarah delves into the power of astrology in understanding one's passions and purpose.
  • Sarah shares how to use astrological insights to shape your brand's identity.
  • The ladies cover the importance of authenticity in brand messaging.
  • Discussions on how to infuse your brand with cosmic resonance for greater impact.
  • Sarah shares some practical tips to begin incorporating astrology into your branding efforts.

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