EP39 - All Things Yoni Steaming With Theresa Swan

Kat and her special guest, Theresa Swan, a peristeam hydrotherapist, invite you to an insightful conversation on the advantages of peristeam hydrotherapy. In this episode, Theresa explores the numerous benefits of Yoni steaming and explains why it is a practice that everyone should consider. Gain valuable insights from Theresa on how this ancient method can enhance women's reproductive health, fertility, and even support during labor, delivery, and postpartum.

Tune in to discover more about this topic.

Episode Highlights :

  • Theresa explains what peristeam hydrotherapy is and its simplicity, the benefits and its history
  • Theresa speaks to why OBGYN’s are using steaming therapy to support fertility health
  • Theresa dives deep into the effects impacts on stagnation in the uterus -Learn how steaming can be used during labor and delivery and into postpartum



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