Ep 41 - Going From Anxious Attachment to Secure Attachment With Carly Ann

In this episode, Kat is joined by Carly Ann, a CBT and somatic attachment therapist, as well as a trainee psychotherapist. Carly Ann recounts her personal victory over anxious attachment to motivate and empower women towards achieving security. She educates individuals on self-soothing techniques, enhancing self-esteem, and transforming their nervous system from insecure to secure, enabling them to cultivate the fulfilling and healthy relationships they desire.


Episode Highlights :

  • Carley Ann gives a summary of the various attachment styles and their effects on relationships.
  • Carly Ann and Kat delve into how specific childhood experiences influence various attachment styles.
  • Carly Ann discusses how she managed to overcome her own anxious attachment.
  • Kat and Carly Ann highlight the importance of mindset and having faith that everything will turn out fine.
  • Carly Ann discusses the importance of using curiosity and compassion to identify attachment patterns.



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